Sponge Iron

We are a leading supplier and exporter of high quality Sponge Iron in India. Our high and consistent quality sponge iron facilitates steel makers to maintain high quality and reduce dependency on scrap. We have a team of experienced engineers for plant operations and project implementation. The team possess vast experience in the domain and our strength lies in speedy implementation of new projects at the lowest possible cost. We provide complete services right from concept to commissioning as per the requirements detailed by client. Sponge Iron or DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) is relatively uniform in composition, and virtually free from tramp elements. It has an associated energy value in the form of combined carbon, which has a tendency to increase furnace efficiency. Our professionals possess complete knowledge of the sponge iron plant along with co- power generation and steel manufacturing facilities. We are experts in setting up the world class plant facilities at competitive price. We are able to handle all types of industrial and engineering projects covering civil, mechanical, structural, metallurgy & process, electrical & instrumentation, finance and personnel disciplines.
We produce Sponge Iron or Direct Reduced Iron by reducing Iron Ore (in the form of lumps/pellets) using non-coking coal in a rotary kiln. The coal acts as the fuel as well as a reducing agent & Oxygen is removed from the Ore to produce Sponge Iron. Since the reduction takes place in the solid phase only it is called Direct Reduction. The finished product has pores like a sponge due to removal of Oxygen, thus it is also known as Sponge Iron. The hot flue gases produced in the reactor during the process are used in Waste Heat Recovery Boilers to produce Steam. This helps us in economizing our power generation costs. Sponge iron is used as a raw material for making steel in electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces, substituting and supplementing indigenous and imported scrap.