Coal Services

We at Aryan Ispat Pvt. Ltd. are extremely well versed with all the techniques, research and government policies that may be required by our coal consumers. We have highly talented work force with years of experience thereby making us the one stop solution for all your coal requirements. We provide the following services under coal:

  1. Cost effectiveness in using fuel: We provide cost effective ways of using coal thus reducing the expenses. Our engineers will do a thorough research on your requirements based upon which you can decide the further course of action.
  2. Identification of sources: Aryan Ispat will help you identify the various sources of coal which will best suit your requirements as well as your pocket.
  3. Linkage / Fuel Supply Agreements: We also undertake to provide various fuel supply agreements from various trusted vendors of the market thus ensuring quality fuel supply 24x7.
  4. Loading / unloading supervision: Our engineers always supervises the loading and unloading of coal to reduce the damage and ensure best quality product.
  5. Transportation: We provide various sources of transporting coal from one part of the country to the other. Our experts will identify the best mode of transportation as per your demands and requirements. We will help you get the best quality coal at an economical price.
      Mode of transport:
    • Road
    • Railways
  6. Settling Claims: We also assist in settling your claims with railways or coal companies. Our expert advisers will provide you the best advice and suggestion.