Air Pollution Control Measures

  • Chimney : 80 mts height RCC chimney
    : 60 mtrs height iron chimney connected with ESP(Electro Static Precipitator)
  • Coal handling:

    A Circuit of 100 mt/hours C.H.P. has provided for 27 TPH AFBC boilers, which is running 4 hours /day . A de-dusting system of Make-MACAWBER BEEKAY has placed for C.H.P. Circuit. Four Nos of dust vessels are provided below the de-dusting of C.H.P. surge Chutes. Surge Chutes are provided below the de-dusting C.H.P. hopper. Ash vessel master slave system is provided below these surge chutes. Dust collected in these vessels is conveyed to MS dust silo in 2+2 firing sequence. By this system ,we are able to keep dust free to our coal handling area.

  • Ash Handling

    We have one AFBC boiler (27TPH) & three WHRB Boiler (1x33 , 2x 10 TPH) in which pneumatic conveying system (Make- MACAWBER BEEKEY) with fully PLC controlled has provided for ash handling system. For this ASH handling system the following sub system, equipment & operational philosophy are provided.
    For smooth unloading of dust in open trucks , the following equipment have been fitted on opening of MS Dust Silo.

    • Plate Valve: - have been provided below MS Silo discharge point.
    • Rotary Van Feeder: A RVF is coupled with a gear motor & a zero speed switch provided for check jamming.
    • Ash Conditioner: A double rotor conditioner coupled with fixed RPM geared motor. A water spray systems have been provided for conditioning dust.
    • Water Spray Valve: has been provided.
    • Roots Blower: has been provided.

    By this system we are able to keep dust free to our Ash Handling system.